Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Serious Update from Jenn

The June of Jenn may seem like all fun and games. And in a lot of ways it is. Parties, drunken times, meeting people, trying new things. But the June of Jenn was started for a very important reason. It was May and I approaching my one year DC anniversary, one year after graduating college, one year into the a real job. I was in the process of ending yet another dysfunctional relationship and just falling into a general slump. I could have just wallowed in that slump and trudged along. But I chose to try something new. This lifestyle was something like what I lived by in college and I figured if I could adopt some kind of nuvo-undergrad attitude in my current situation, things would start looking up. Maybe this hasn’t really been a huge change in contrast to the other 11 months but it offered a new insight into what was turning into a boring adult lifestyle. Sometimes you just need a different perspective.

Things I’ve been stressing about lately – namely this job and some unreliable friends - almost prevented me from going to a concert I really wanted to attend last night. But invitations from two friends I haven’t seen in a while brought me out of the office and into DC9 to say hello to an old pal and his new band (and beard). Thanks for the music in my head, Kenny.

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Diana said...

I think the June of Jenn should extend to July 4th weekend, to accommodate the end of the quarter.

Ya know, just like the CFC season of giving.