Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June of Jenny- the first daily

I set out from work at 6:00 with the intention of buying some food at Trader Joe's, cooking it and doing laundry, and then maybe even going down to my new gym. I figured that the lack of social engagements, and my impending trip to NY, would be a good excuse to be somewhat reclusive and self-indulgent. However, an invitation struck when I least expected it (8:24, a phone call from Will) and by 9:35 I was in Erica's Dupont apartment sorting through her belongings. I left with:

sky blue nesting mixing bowls
silver polish (which I've needed at work for ages but we dont have any money to get it)
a pasta spoon
two cutting boards (including one shaped like TEXAS)
some beautiful note cards
an espresso machine/coffee maker (!!!!!)
a painting done by an elephant
t-shirt transferable printer paper
some hemingway
an invitation to party with Erica when she gets back from taking the LSATs in Texas next week
two silicone cupcake trays- one shaped like a racecar, the other like a butterfly
a grater
a pitcher
regret- i told Will about the June of Jenny and am expecting lots of ridiculous invitations until he forgets about it

A second invitation awaited me upon my return- this one was virtual and I spent a lovely hour video chatting with Emily who I will see in only 48 hours after the longest separation we've had since she went to St Augustines for Middle School. And maybe even then we saw each other more often than we have over the last 1/2 year.

Jenn- maybe we should explain the June of Jenny rules to our eager audience?


Diana said...

Jenny, there are no regrets. Duh. So bring on Will's invites!

Emily said...

This entry makes me happy!