Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sorry about being so terrible about updating... I guess I've been busy living the June of Jenny ;) Actually, the truth is, I'm not the best at following the rules. On Friday at the 18th Street Lounge, I definitely didn't flirt with Whatshisname from Arlington who hadn't heard of the Hirschhorn, even though he's lived here 2 years (I know, I'm a snob when it comes to art); I didn't take a new friend up on her invitation for drinks with her friends on Saturday night (although I was fulfilling another drinks invitation elsewhere); and I regret deciding to stop calling a boy I now have a possibly major crush on.

That said, I had the quintessential June of Jenny weekend. Thursday: goodbye dinner in Dupont, finishing off the leaving friend's wine supply, walking home after missing the last train. Friday: a very hungover day at work, jazz in the sculpture garden, after hours at the Hirschhorn, the above-mentioned party at 18th street lounge, just making the last train. Saturday: sleeping till noon, afternoon at the National Gallery with Rita, shopping at Urban, dinner with my cousin chez moi et Will, beer with my cousin and Costa till too late. Sunday: brunch with new friends, an afternoon at the Corcoran (finally made it there! great art), an evening of shopping (getting a price adjustment at Banana Republic and then promptly re-spending it, and more, at H+M's sale).

So even though I missed an invitation, didn't flirt, and had some regrets, I had no trouble living it up which, after all, is what the June of Jenny is all about!

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