Thursday, June 19, 2008

June of Jenn Update

We've talked a lot about one aspect of the June of Jenn and that’s never turning down social invitations. It’s really as simple as it sounds and has led to the most memorable experiences this month.

But the silliest rule - flirt with everyone - has gotten me into some trouble. I'm striking up a conversation with you on the metro, in line at the supermarket, on the elevator, or at the bar if I find you to be the slightest bit attractive. It's led to some fleeting conversations and mostly friendly small talk with nice men.

There was some kind of influx of foreign nationals in DC bars last week and I gave out my number to two men. I still have this great idea to take up a foreign lover and we can both teach each other our native language and go on picnics and share our countries delicacies. Or more likely I just want a guy who doesn't speak English so I don't have to hear him blabber on and on about whatever nonsense you guys like to talk about.

First was Rob Russia. I call him that because he is from Russia. We met in a ball pit.

Then there was Christian from Bolivia. I told him he was pretty. He didn’t speak English AT ALL so I mostly had a conversation with his friend who helped translate. I haven’t answered his phone calls because I don’t know how that would even work. Hello? Hola? What?

There’s still plenty of time left in June. Here's to you (cute guy riding a bike I saw this morning).

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Diana said...

I can try and translate! And do it purposely wrong!

Also this is relevant to the June of Jenn.