Saturday, June 14, 2008

The past few days in the June of Jenny

I'm going to be bad at updating everyday, oops. This will be quick and not well written because I want to go off and play with becky and abby

Anyway, I sadly missed Jenn's invitation to the shorts party untill it was too late. But NO REGRETS! Instead, I talked to a crazy (drunk?) 'nam vet on Market Square whilst trying to read my new 152 yr old book about Edward Stabler, the dude who founded the apothecary. Then I vastly enjoyed the Second Thursday Arts Night in Old Town, a night when some of the many galleries (including this awesome place) stay open late, offer discounts, and give out lots of wine and cheese. Rachel and Rita joined me for that and we had a great time and then went to dinner, where they sweetly bought me a cheeseburger. I guess for me the June of Jenny is not only about accepting invitations, but about extending them as well. That's why I was so thrilled the girls came down to meet me!

Fast forward to.. Friday the 13th! It turned out to be extremely lucky, but the most important thing to mention is that I made the 6:10 train through a miracle of mass transportation and I am now in Croton having a blast. Last night Emily came over, this morning we had breakfast and hung out with her little cousins, then I came home to hang out with my sisters, and we cut my hair. Tonight we are going to dinner with my brother, his girlfriend, and her family, and I'm hoping an engagement is in the air. I am probably wrong, but maybe the June of Jenny will work some magic on my brother too.

In the spirit of inviting, I have old friends coming over for a dessert party tonight. Can't wait!!

(the bangs = the new part)

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Jennn said...

I like the hair! Bangs are so in right now.